Virtual Horse Racing Competitions

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Virtual Horseracing

Virtual horseracing is a new form of betting offered by the main online sportsbooks from the UK like William Hill. The big advantage they offer to horseracing fans is the opportunity to wager on horses, even during times were there is no real race event going on. But are the chances of winning better or worse than real life horse racing?

Odds of Winning on Virtual Horse Racing

The odds on virtual horseracing are just as they say they are. In the real world, a racebook sets the odds based on the balance of betting pools and they can shift them for promotional purposes, while still making their own mathematical assessment to finally define them. Thus, odds for the same horse may vary a little between bookmakers, while in virtual horse racing the odds are exactly what they say they are, the chance of a horse winning the race.

These type of races are often referred to as “racing roulette”, since there is little in terms of handicapping involved. This is a pure chance game were gamblers decide to place wagers depending on their risk aversion.

The graphics themselves are nothing more than a visual representation of a computerized random number draw. Compared to the lottery, the horses with the lower odds have more numbers in the draw than those with higher odds. But as in the lottery, each number can only be drawn once.

Example: If you place a wager on the favorite at odds of 2/1, this horse has a stronger chance of winning than any other, while a bet on a horse at 66/1 has a small chance of ending in a Win. But as a game of chance, betting on the outsider can sometimes payoff really big. This is a game were backing the favorite is not a bad idea.

Virtual Racing Tracks

One of the biggest attractiveness of this type of online gambling game is the realism behind the graphics. The horses themselves are almost too real and simulate all the real movements that can occur during an everyday race, with no cheating involved. The background and crowd are all taken from real life footage along with the atmospheric sounds and narration. The races are even hosted through racing TV channels at real racetracks and casinos for the entertainment of the crowd while real events are in recess.

Some of the most popular virtual racetracks: Portman Park, Steepledowns and Sprintvalley.

The Future of Virtual Horse Racing

Since 2006 multiplayer strategy games have been created were players can breed, train, buy, sell and race virtual horses. and were amongst the first, but many more have joined in the new world were AI will surely allow horseracing fans to get more and more involved into their passion and enjoy other ways of gambling.

In the game, players become mangers of virtual stables and the results will be determined by their decisions and pure mathematical logical equations. Each horse in the game has a unique genetic code, which by the influence of the player, will develop true physical and mental potential, or not.

William Hill Virtual Horse Racing

William Hill is one of the top 5 racebooks offering virtual horse racing. Races are held every 3 minutes, so there is no waiting to enjoy some action. Select from several virtual racetracks and dozens of horses. Select from flat racing or jump racing and enjoy numerous bonus offers. For promotional offer on all virtual horse racing competitions – click here…

Horses are not the only virtual events available, virtual football, hounds, cycling and many more virtual sports are available.