Beating the Races

Beating the Races

It’s a tough game – only a naive newbie would think differently. However – it is just as naive for a player to think that because neither he nor his racing buddies have done it that therefore others are not beating the races.  There are good players out there that make a very good income betting the ponies – believe it! 

The real question here is: How do you become one of those that can play the game consistently, and earn a living from it?

It might be stating the obvious, but – you’ll need to study the game a bit . . . but not too much.


What I mean by that is that many of the accepted “truths” of handicapping and betting are just so much hoakum. They are dogma that may or may not have been meaningful at one time far back, but that now only serve to get you off on the wrong path . . . you know – the one that leads into a never ending, dollar sucking, tail chasing, one day up-one day down circus of doubt and disbelief.

The very first thing a player needs to establish is whether or not they are really cut out for this game.  Do you have what you need?

– You need to be a bit thick-skinned. You need to be able to shake off the bad beats without too much of the “why me?” and the “I knew I shoulda bet the other one,” and the “damn jock stiffed my horse,”  etc. etc.  That is – you need to be able to accept that in horse racing – perhaps more so than in any other place in life – sh*t happens. It’s not picking you out to happen to – it just happens! Those that can let it roll off their backs, and still manage to keep the concentration required to continue on to the next races and wager accordingly (i.e. not trying to recoup, or doubling up, or dropping back and getting too conservative, etc.) – are the ones who succeed.

– You need to have a bankroll that is not composed of the proverbial “scared money.”  As an astute gambler once noted, “Scared money doesn’t win.” Along these lines – you also need to decide how much you want to make from your horse race wagering.  As stated elsewhere on this site, don’t expect to make a grand a week on $10 win bets – it’s just not going to happen (at least not with any consistency at all). For strictly win betting: the old basic wisdom said that a decent handicapper could expect to make about as much per day as he wagered per race. That is a reality check for you.

Now – when considering exactas and other exotic bets, that won’t hold true. As risk goes up, the reward can go up as well . . . as long as you are playing with a positive long term edge of some kind (no matter how small).

– You need Patience.  Yes, you’ll need that too – in spades.

Players that require lots of ‘action’ – that love to have a bet in almost every race – that love to place “fun bets” even when they don’t have a signal in the race, or a strong opinion one way or the other – that kind of player wastes so much money that they pretty much guarantee themselves a losing game. Those that learn patience, and that become expert in one or more of the “niches” within the overall game – they have a huge advantage over the action junkies.

Read through the rest of the site at your leisure. There are lots of other valuable points offered for your consideration – should you decide to give it a real ‘go.’


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