Standing Offer


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We have decided to make a Standing Offer that includes deeply discounted prices – and a permanent storage thumb disc-drive.


Failed disk drives and crashed computers seem to be a permanent part of our modern world. 

We want to eliminate the hassles associated with loss of data (as far as Horse Racing Gold materials are concerned anyway), and . . .

We want to offer discounted prices to those who purchase multiple products.


Details . . .

All orders will be immediately accessible in PDF via email – then multiple product orders (three or more) will also sent by standard mail loaded onto a SanDisk thumb-drive for your permanent storage.

All drives will also come pre-loaded with our Zen Handicapping Report, and the “Weak Favorites” Report.


* Our two software products can only be sent via the thumb drive

** See further below for an offer to clients who want the methods they have already purchased put onto a disk drive and mailed to them.


Discounts for purchases of:

Three or four productsGet a 20% discount from the regular price of each item ($7 will be added to the total for cost of the thumb drive, postage and handling).

Five to nine products:  Get a 30% discount from the regular price of each item (the thumb drive, postage and handling will be free).

Ten to nineteen products:  Get a 40% discount from the regular price of each item (the thumb drive, postage and handling will be free)

For an order of all our methods and software – 25 products in total – a full lifetime library of handicapping and wagering information on all aspects of the game (and much of it completely unique and not covered anywhere else) . . . you will receive a 50% discount from the regular price of each item and free delivery of the thumb drive.


** If you already own any of our products – whether 1, 5 or 25 – we will load all of your previous purchases onto a thumb drive and send it to you for a flat fee of $35 (drive, postage and handling included – as well as the pre-loaded materials mentioned above).

One stipulation – we’ll need verification.  If we cannot find it in our records that go back 10 years, you’ll need to show us an email, or receipt from us verifying purchase – thanks.


Rather than put up a bunch of new links on the order page, if you are interested in any of these offers – please zip us an email (preferred!), or give us a call, and we will set it up for you:

email –  [email protected]
phone –  1-352-624-3239  (biz hrs. only 9 to 6:30 Tues. through Sunday – leave message if no answer)


A complete list of all our products from 1998 to 2020 (with regular price) – click on product name link for information:

Show Me The Money  $29
Bankroll Builder  $77
WP Fly  $27
The Maiden Key  $57
Claiming Gold  $45
The L&B Method  $47
Speed 2013  $57
Simple Money Method  $47
The Morning Line Matrix Method  $67
Pay Streak  $47
The A7 Method  $77
The P Method $190
Projection Rhythms software  $297
P3+ software  $157
The Sniper Method  $47
The Bal Chatri Technique  $27
Tote Board Gold  $27
Blue Chip Blueprint  $27
The Green Box  $59
Pareto’s Ponies  $27
The DA Key  $27

WinEx Distilled  $27
Ranked Spiral Intervals  $47
Long Green  $27
The Marquee Race Method $19