“P” method

“P” method

In place of our usual year-end review post – we’ll talk about a matter waay more interesting.

We’re offering something completely NEW – but something only for some of you. *

The word “new” is in caps and italics because this is not only new – we believe it is unique in the history of race betting and handicapping. And it says “some of you” because this is definitely not for everyone.

We’re not going to make the claim that this new method will change racing – partly because we will try our best to make sure it does not “get out” to the general racing public.  

But – we will make the claim that it will change racing for the few of you who ‘get it.’ Those few will never look at the game the same way they had – and they will never look back.

The ‘hype meter’ just started gyrating for a lot of you – that’s understandable.  But for those who know us – or for those willing to put aside that ‘reasonable doubt’ – then . . .



It’s going on 20 years now that Horse Racing Gold has been on-line and offering information to the public. During that time, we have over-and-over tried to “gently” suggest – that betting the races with the goal of making long-term profits is just not the thing that all players (though wanting to do it) should be doing. It simply takes more commitment than most are willing to give – because – it is not nearly as easy as most would assume.

A person might be a business giant, or a neurosurgeon – or conversely – a housewife, or an unemployed surfer . . . none of those (or any of a million and one other types) is any more – or less – likely to have what is needed to be successful in this game.

Success here is dependent upon three things: your character type  –  the information you have  –  and the methodology you use.

What we are offering here will take care of the last two of that series (the first is in your charge).  


A quick background on how this new approach, the “P” Method, came about . . .

I have always remembered Doc Sartin saying once (long ago) – that we should be aware of the power of “3” in racing.  It stuck with me because – really – much of life seems to have a connection with the number “3” (and by extension the number “9”).  

I won’t get all “numerology” on you here, but I’m sure that without much contemplation at all, you could think of several examples – from religion – to mathematics – to sports – where “3” seems to be an ‘extra meaningful’ number.

Okay, there’s that.

Then also – a decades old, ongoing emphasis for us at Horse Racing Gold has been to narrow down

We have constantly attempted to find viable ways to narrow down the number of races to look at (as even worth handicapping), the number of handicapping factors to use, and also the number of horses to consider when handicapping those winnowed races.

Yet for many players – in order to keep interest and ‘spirits’ up – it is essential to stay active during the racing day. To do this, they need to be able to bet a wider range of odds – not always waiting and waiting for that “spot play” at juicy odds.

It does a player’s psyche good to have a few lower-priced horses scattered in – thereby raising the overall hit rate, and as well for those looking to bet in multi-race wagers. This can be a very positive thing (even apart from the bottom-line ROI figures).

When wagering a wider range of odds – what a boon it would be to only be betting low priced horses when the low-priced horses are winning – and to only be betting longer odds horses when the longer odds horses are winning!

And – the vital and basic goal in handicapping and betting the ponies?  You must land on certain horses for reasons the ‘crowd’ are not using – you need to be a contrarian.  

Therefore – you should to be able to identify low-priced horses that look solid, but are unlikely to win – and conversely – longer priced horses whose chances of winning are greater than their figures and odds indicate.

How that is done is the crux of this method – and we believe – the crux of successful race betting.


The P” method accomplishes these things – does it profitably . . . and – will forever change the way you look at the races!

This method is what we use now.

We’re calling it the “P” method (for want of a better handle) – which could stand for; “personal method,” “private method,” “profit method,” “price method” – take your pick.

This approach to the game will be an “eye-opener” for most, an “Ah-Ha!” for others, and a completely unique way to look at the races for everyone who comes into contact with it.



You will receive the original Method as well as the in-depth look into the Method (which we originally offered as a Mentorship). 

What does that mean?,


We will lay out exactly (pretty much paint-by-numbers) what we do personally – the other tools we use – the process – shown in videos and screen captures – explained in an additional 11 chapters with videos.


So . . .

The “P” Method – will come as a step-by-step explanation of how we do it – the “nuts -and-bolts” (and washers!) 11 chapter blueprint with all your questions answered via videos, screen captures, and access to a QA forum where others buyers have asked questions and received our replies.

The price for this unique, extensive course is $190.

Order Here


Additional information on the method:

  • The “P” Method comes with a 937-race history (!) – each race shown exactly as the method showed them – i.e. what you see is what you would have got – with little or no subjectivity involved. These were successive days and races at 6 different tracks (Aqu, Cd, Fg, Lrl, Gp, and Tam) between the dates of Nov. 11 and Dec. 17 of 2016.

  • The method averaged finding 5.5 qualifying races per track – per day.

  • The average win pay was right at 6/1  – with the range being 1/1 to 35/1

  • You will need to set aside about 25 minutes per day to keep your records and the spreadsheets current.

  • An exacta approach is included (we do not get into trifectas, superfectas, or multi-race wagers – those elevated profits will be left for you to uncover)
  • We will also show exactly how we handicapped those races to achieve an obscene ROI for both win and exacta – and we will show you exactly how to do the same for yourself.


That’s it . . .

Order Here

(We will start sending the method out on Jan 2nd 3rd)



  1. richard gargotta

    is this a pencil method or software thanks

    • Richard –

      The “P” Method is not software – but you do need Excel in order to apply the method. Kind regards – Gary / Horse Racing Gold

  2. Hi Gary,
    Is this related/similar to your Projection Rhythms Method?

    • Knight – At first glance it might seem similar, but the “P Method” produces different results; different races to wager, and different horses in those races. There are a couple of fundamental changes that
      make the P Method dissimilar in very important (and profitable) ways. – Gary

  3. GARY
    Will I be able to use the Patience method with the HRG index if you make changes to index
    Best Regards

    • Paul – There will be no change in the way I handicap for the Index. There may be an ‘extra’ horse (column/rank) added at the end (6th rank) of the group, so that races that call for higher payoffs via the P Method have a better chance of the eventual winner being in the Index. This horse would simply be ignored (as is currently mostly the case with the 5th ranked horse) when applying the Index as it has always been done. – Gary

  4. First day of using “P” method hit a $28.20 horse at Tampa. Bet down from 20/1 ml to 10 at one point, 2/2 at tampa plus a good trainer! Wouldnt have gotten that without the P method! Ilike the fact that the method NARROWS DOWN the horses to handicap, huge advantage!!
    Now looking for a reversal.

    • Ray – Thanks – I can always depend on you for updates from the field. Yesterday (1/5/17) Fg race #6, and Gp race #8 – made my week . . . or more! – Gary

  5. Hi Gary
    Can the P basic method be used with patience method you wrote about in one of your blog last year. How would it help increase my bottom line?
    Best Regards

    • Paul – The odds that the “P” Method goes after – both on the high end and the low end – do not fit well with the odds parameters suggested in that post. It is kind of two different approaches to the game. – Gary

  6. Gary – Please provide a few more details about what will be provided to purchasers of the ‘first level’ of the ‘P’ Method. Thank you HB.

    • HB – Your get the method, the master spreadsheet with formulas, the manual (19 pages) with examples, and the 900+ races shown as the method identified them – with results. Regards – Gary

  7. What type of bankroll would you need for this. What was your winning % of tickets and is it just playing exactas ?


    • Gerard – No specific BR amount needed . . . I wouldn’t suggest starting any ‘campaign’ with less than a $300. It is an approach that will apply to any bet type, however win-betting will be where you would likely start – no? We do offer recommendation on how to wager the exacta as well. For the basic “P” Method – hit rate on win will vary according to the handicapping method you are currently using. For those in the mentoring – and following the method exactly as we apply it – then around a 49% hit rate at average win pay of $14.10. – Gary

  8. Brian Batis

    What impresses me the most, is how long HRG has been in business, successfully.

    Just one question, which I hope isn’t considered a “looky-loo” question… You mentioned Gary this is the method that you are now using. Would I be correct to assume that this method is being used with the HRG Index?

    Belated Happy Holidays!

    • Brian – The Index, of course, must be handicapped and issued far in advance of the actual running of the races. This approach is ‘self-modifying’ and takes into account an altering ‘picture’ as the racing day progresses. I am thinking of changing the format of the Index a bit to allow for those with the ‘basic” “P” Method to apply it to the Index. For those that go through the mentor-ship, the Index would not be needed (unless purely to save handicapping time). Best regards – Gary

  9. I am interested but can this selection methodology (which is what I believe this is), be applied to UK markets? I have no knowledge of the USA racing scene and would be using Betfair or a similar exchange when betting on USA markets.

    Secondly is this purely a selection method? I ask because I already use some tipsters but do not follow their staking advise prefering to analyse their historical records and apply the most efficient, safe and profitable staking strategy of which there are plenty.



    • Michael – If you are using BetFair while betting into North American racing – then for sure it is applicable. The basic “P” Method will also be applicable to European racing. The mentoring where I show exactly what I do, the other tools and processes I use . . . I’m not sure this would be directly applicable without some tweaking on your part – as I am not fully familiar with the type of past performance data you have available to you there. The ‘basic’ “P” Method is not “purely a selection method,” neither is it a staking/money-management method per se. As I stated in the blog post, it can be combined with what you already use profitably . . . it could be a type of filter for those. The mentorship package will add the handicapping to the methodology and turn it into the unique selection method we use.

      – Gary

  10. So far just hype. What will the spreadsheet require? Source of data?
    Down loadable? Please furnish more info.

    • Frank – As I said in the post: The spreadsheet (one for each track you are following) will require about 15-25 minutes maximum of input each day. This is for all tracks combined – and only if you are following 5 or 6 tracks – fewer would require less time. Part of the information is freely available online – the other part will be the results of your own wagering/handicapping. Yes the spreadsheets and the basic “P” Method explanation will be – as are all of our products – a download from the internet via email link/s we will send you. Regards – Gary

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