A Ramble

A Ramble

This post will be about – like the old Seinfeld series – nothing in particular . . . a ramble that may turn into a bit of a rant in parts – I’m not sure yet. 

To start, Horse Racing Gold gets (along with the comments posted to the blog) a lot of write-in comments that never get posted – comments like (paraphrased);

If I bet exactly as you say – will I get the same results, or is there subjectivity involved?

If I use this method, can I make a good/decent income betting?

I was doing so well at (name the track/s), but now at (name another track/s) I’m not doing very well with the same method

But – I thought you said . . .

I really need to make some money – which method should I use?

For our take on these – and more . . .

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