Pulling the Trigger

Pulling the Trigger

Betting decisions . . . when to – when not to.

How you decide whether or not to “pull the trigger” in any particular race may be the most important element in the entire process. 

From the time you begin considering a race for betting (whether it be looking at the past performance data, or the tote board) to the time you cash, or tear up the ticket – the moment of decision making – the final commitment to risk – is the most critical.

Though this is the most important moment, it cannot be divorced from the process itself – i.e. everything leading up to, and following that moment.

Many players might assume that the handicapping is the crucial part of the process.  But handicapping per se – identifying the most likely horse to win the race – can be a kind of trap

There is an inherent difficulty in making long-term profits when your main factor for ultimately making a betting decision is based on how good the horse looks in the past performances.  The pari-mutuel system itself makes sure of this. Others will see the same positive factors, also make their decisions based on those . . . and the odds go down to levels that are not returning a “fair” amount.

What then would be the ‘thing worth knowing’ that could set your decision making apart – that could make it “spot on?”

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