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HRG Index   info here
One Day $12.00   
One Week (Thurs thru Sun) $44.00   
One month (4 weeks) $157.00   
* The Consistent Income Method $127.00 Order Here info here
The P Method
Order Here
info here
The A7 Method $77.00 Sales closed info here 
The Morning Line Matrix Method $67.00 Order Here info here 
Pay Streak $47.00 Order Here info here
The L&B Method $47.00 Order Here info here
“Speed 2013” $57.00 Order Here info here
Claiming Gold $45.00 Order Here info here
Bankroll Builder $77.00 Order Here info here
Projection Rhythms $297 Order here info here
P-3+ $157 Order here info here
WIWIG Spreadsheet $77.00 Order here info here

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