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We offer two software programs for your success.

Projection Rhythms Horse Betting Software






1. Projections Rhythms©

When we first issued this software 4 years ago, I stated:”This is the simplest, quickest, and surest way to race betting profits ever revealed – period.”

That was a tall statement then and remains so – however – it is still proving to be true.

The principle behind this completely unique approach is based on a factor that exists outside of racing. This factor is so profound and so consistent that it is never disputed – and it never fails.

This software will give you an edge that no one else has (except the other owners of the software). It can handle as many players as uses the approach – as it is “self-adjusting” and therefore does not alter in its accuracy, nor dilute the parimutuel pools.

The software is simple to use – requires no “conventional handicapping” and only about 15-20 minutes of data input per day (and that’s if you are following 7 tracks!).

Two things will make you a lot of money in race betting:

– Identifying and taking advantage of streaks
– Hitting a disproportionate number of high-paying winners

The Projections Rhythms© software combines both of them.

This is what I use personally – always – and in every race in which I wager from day-to-day.

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2. P-3+

This is our money management software. Created especially for place and show bettors – but works equally well with win betting. This software will keep track of all your wagers – crunch the numbers – and tell you exactly how to bet the next race so as to maximize profits in that race – while continually optimizing your betting approach over time.

We spent two years honing and improving the ideas originally presented in our two methods, “Show Me the Money,” and “The P-3 Betting Method.” The remarkable results have been programmed into this surprising new piece of software.

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