A Different Way

A Different Way

“I’ll do it my way – right or wrong.”  Folks can get kind of set in their ways – especially handicappers. They get settled into a ‘style’ of handicapping and pretty much stick with that through the years – maybe with an amendment here – a tweak there – a new idea tried once in awhile . . . 

But we have a different way for your consideration (that is also easy to apply and profitable). It doesn’t require your handicapping input at all, and it also doesn’t require software, past performance data, or even that much of your time?!

We are offering a new method – calling it theA7 Method.” 

A few months back, three clients asked us similar questions within the span of a few days.

The gist of their questions centered around: How to get more volume of profitable plays without incurring long losing streaks, or getting into a time intensive approach (which of course would always interest us as well!). It set us off on some serious research.

. . . After 3+ months of testing, tweaking, testing on hundreds of races, and then finally 320 actual races at many different tracks wagered with real money . . . we’ve got “a different way” for you to play the races.

This is a method that –

  • doesn’t require you to purchase past performance data
  • doesn’t require any computer software
  • doesn’t require more than 1 ½ minutes per race of “handicapping”
  • will be the easiest method in application you have ever used
  • will get you all the volume you might want
  • will make you bottom-line profits
  • is a step-by-step – no subjectivity approach
  • is a method you want right now (and just might become the only one you’ll ever again use)


– Several of our clients already operate with a profitable method.

A7 for them could substantially augment the number of plays per day. For you solid players – it can provide bettable plays while you ordinarily would have been sitting on your hands waiting for the next signal from your current method, and – you can easily apply the process between races.

– Maybe others have been struggling and feeling that the large amount of time committed to the game just isn’t worth it. 

A7 will open your eyes to a whole new – and different kind of ballgame.

– Some players are fairly new to handicapping, and – unfortunately – are looking at a learning curve that can be prolonged.

A7 is a boon for you. It can completely cut your learning time down to – well, a couple of days!


The A7 method is primarily a win-betting method that can include exactas – and daily doubles when you get two successive qualifying races. The Betting Guidelines in the method cover those.

You won’t get plays in every race – an average 10-race card will usually get you 6 or 7, yet the hit rate is high. 

Everything is laid out in the comprehensive manual which includes lots of screen captures and example races – as well as the results of the 320-race betting sample. 


Order Here *

For those who might be thinking the live sample contains too few races . . . There were hundreds of other races run through the method before that live sample began. And – the A7 method is based on viable factors that have already stood the test of time. And – well, when you receive it you’ll find out the other part of the method that makes it super solid.

Expectations?  We’ll just say – think double-digit profits . . . whether high or low double digits – that kind of depends on you.

As a personal aside: My own situation is the one of the ones mentioned above – that of having a proven method that has been profitable for years, but of wanting more volume in order to increase the bottom line. This method fills that bill, and I use it daily in conjunction with my bread-and-butter approach (a version of the HRG Index as filtered through the P Method charting).

You’ll like what you find with the A7 method . . .


Order Here *

If you are on the fence – be advised that we will only offer this until 25 copies have been sold. 

At that point, we will stop sales for a period of time to observe the changes in results/prices on the qualifiers (at the tracks we play). As stated, we do utilize this as part of our own methodology – and don’t want to see the mutuels ruined.

If no great change is noted, we’ll come back with it for another *15 copies, etc. (and propose to hold the total to 50 regardless – or fewer if price pressure is noted).

This is not some “scarcity” ploy – it’s simply a response to the reality of the pari-mutuel system.

*  Thank you all for your orders. Sales have been closed.  


  1. Jake Lamont

    Me too please. It has opened a couple times, but I keep missing it. Thank you.

  2. guy tedesco

    guy tedesco here. please let me know if sales open up again for the A7method gary

  3. The last offering for this system was on 9/20/19. Any idea when it might come back?? It seems like it only lasts for a few hours when the system becomes available,then the sales close. Been watching my email and sent emails about when it might become available, but I never got a reply. A little heads up about when it might become available, would make it much easier for me to obtain it. $77.00 is very reasonable for this method.

  4. Gary Purchased the A7 and having a hard time putting info on spread sheet.Maybe I missed something, keep reading over system Help Confused!

  5. Gary!

    A-7 !!!

    Awesome how about 7 for 12 roi 55% Not too bad 🙂

    I know some people thought the orginal ad was “hypy” …

    I even wondered myself ….but I KNOW ….Gary doesnt do hype 🙂

    I certainly didnt need another method ….but Im glad I went for it ..

    Now Gary ……LOCK IT UP ….throw away the key …


  6. H Gary,

    The A7 just might be the best of your products. I wish that it had been available 20 years ago. LOL! It is that good. If possible, please send me a detailed run of your bets. It would help me greatly in “nicheing down”. Thanks!


  7. Marin G Marinov

    Hi Gary,
    For a second time I am receiving an e-mail, singing praises to
    your new method A7, just to tell me that the sales are closed.
    Please, next time send me an e-mail when the method is available.
    With Regards,
    Marin G Marinov

  8. Frank Wellington


    Like Joe, I have also been tinkering with the A7 and I am pretty excited.It’s amazing how you come up with these methods.

  9. Gary,

    I really like this A7, I really think it might end up as one of your best…..for ease of use certainly but also results ( Ive been fooling
    around with it all afternoon ). My question….. you normally include
    a record of your plays with results….I wonder if you will make that
    available to A-7 owners ?? I for one would like that if possible.
    Again ……good job!

  10. Gary,

    Good research, good little system ….

    the “Copy” had me curious and a little confused …..NOW I see : ) 🙂

    Now ….remember …..not too many ….hahahaahaha

    good job

    • Joe – Thanks man. Gong to close it down tonight – wait a couple of months and see how it has shaken out.

  11. Hi Gary,
    Can you provide some results from the 320 races you applied A7 to?
    Would be very helpful.

  12. Gary – I just hit the second at Belmont for $10.00 and the first at Woodbine for $10.20. Really like this system. Play two horses and use the 5/2 – 14 odds betting guidelines. Don’t sell too many of these. CW

  13. This is a good one Gary. I usually create my own twists and turns with things, but I’m leaving this one alone.

    Take care,


  14. Thank you Gary. Using the A7 system with tremendous success. I play the New York, south Florida, South California and Woodbine.

  15. Marin G Marinov

    Hi Gary,
    I wonder why do you advertise the A7 method if you don’t sell it?

    • Marin – In the post we advise that sales would be restricted. If you re-read it you will find out why. – Gary

  16. Hector guera

    Let me know when I can order

  17. Hey Gary, I was stuck in Houston when I saw the first offer can I prepay now to get on the next offer?
    Ted Barrow

  18. Let me know when you have it available again. I have been a customer for a long time. It was only available for 1 day. I just saw the email

  19. Hello Gary,

    Looks like an interesting methodology. You mention DDs. Does that mean that advance wagering on qualified races is possible?



    • HB – Yes. Better of course is to go by the “live odds” parameters given in the method in the 1st leg – then to the best points qualifiers in the 2nd leg – given that they have a minimum morning line of 8-5.

  20. Quick question. I have been playing the Sniper Method lately. Do you think this is a method that would appeal to me/ fit in with that?


    • Mark – One of the good things about the A7 method is that you can use it on the “other” races – i.e. you can h-cap between races while you are waiting for your next Sniper qualifier to come up – or use the A7 choices if you don’t have a solid Sniper play. Gary

      • Gary – Thanks for the response. I will keep my eyes open if this reopens. It really says a lot in this day of declining interest in racing that you sold your quota in one day. It must make you feel good that your customers continue to buy your products.

  21. Larry Kieffer

    How about a little more information on what the A7 is. $77 is a lot to blindly invest.

    • Larry – Sales have been put on hold – as we reached the number of copies offered in less than a day. Check back to the site in 7-10 days if you are still interested as we may offer a few more copies if no heavy betting pressure is noted on the A7 qualifiers (we’ll be monitoring the tracks that we play personally). Gary

  22. Hello Gary,

    Sounds like an interesting methodology. You mention playing DDs. Does that mean that advance Win/Exacta wagering is a possibility in some qualified races?

    Thank you


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