“P” method

“P” method

In place of our usual year-end review post – we’ll talk about a matter waay more interesting.

We’re offering something completely NEW – but something only for some of you. *

The word “new” is in caps and italics because this is not only new – we believe it is unique in the history of race betting and handicapping. And it says “some of you” because this is definitely not for everyone.

We’re not going to make the claim that this new method will change racing – partly because we will try our best to make sure it does not “get out” to the general racing public.  

But – we will make the claim that it will change racing for the few of you who ‘get it.’ Those few will never look at the game the same way they had – and they will never look back.

The ‘hype meter’ just started gyrating for a lot of you – that’s understandable.  But for those who know us – or for those willing to put aside that ‘reasonable doubt’ – then . . .


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