“Magic” Versus Tolstoy

“Magic” Versus Tolstoy

I’m sure you’ve seen offerings, in racing and elsewhere, of “magic” methods (and in numerous variety!).

The promoters of these methods generally insinuate that by following whatever “ritual” set of convoluted rules and processes they have collected together, that the practitioners will thereby accrue to themselves power, or profits all out of proportion to what the average person could expect.

They further claim to have a “secret” – some occult and mysterious understanding that can be exposed only to initiates. As well, it often takes many years to climb the ‘levels’ of learning in order arrive at the place of being one of those special ones allowed to “know” the secret.

. . . Unfortunately, it’s almost always a bunch of self-serving mumbo jumbo.

I prefer to approach racing (and most everything else) using the sage advice of Leo Tolstoy – when he said, . . .

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