Methods Descriptions

The following 6 methods were either part of the original Insider’s Package that was never offered to the public, or bonus methods offered only for a short period of time.

A brief description of each . . .


The DA KeyAn easy to apply speed method that , though deceptively simple – is very strong.  From in-the-red to in-the-black is where this one will take you.

WinEx Distilled: Old-school betting approach – one of the best, tweaked and optimized to fit modern racing.

Ranked Spiral Intervals: RSI is a betting approach.  It is a pick 3 and parlay strategy that will get you an obscene ROI. This is not for favorite players that have top-pick-itis. It is an utterly unique method that will have you opening up your game to the profits that have been escaping. Not for beginners.

Long GreenBetting grass routes. This approach is a super-simple way you can make a lot of that stuff (cash, lucre, dough, wampum, moola, scratch – long green), by betting a certain type of horse going long on the green. The method is restricted to turf routers running at 8, 8.5 and 9 furlongs.

The Marquee Race MethodThis laser-focuses on Grade 1 and 2 races – primarily the “big-name” marquee races – and is deadly in fields of 9 or more betting interests (8 borderline).