Horse Racing Tips

“Horse racing” and “tips” seem to go together. Around the race track, you’ll constantly hear various players saying they have a “tip” on a certain horse, or even more enticing – an “inside tip.” You also have other so-called sharpies selling their tips.

Now – I’m not going to say there isn’t legitimate ‘inside’ information to be had – but – most horse racing tips (of the ‘whispered’ don’t-tell-anyone-else variety) are baloney.

Always remember, anything can happen in an individual horse race. Before exposing what I consider to be real and highly valuable (for the long-term) horse racing tips – I have a quick personal “hossy” story for you . . .

I’m not a “big” bettor in the overall scheme of things. For me $500-$600 on the nose of a horse to win is my maximum – and I am willing to go to that maximum only rarely. So, I’ll be honest with you and state that the largest single race wager I ever made was $650 to win on a horse at Hollywood Park early in my handicapping career. I had an unusually good feeling about a horse in the feature race, and he was going off at 5-2. I thought he was a legitimate favorite and should have been around 7/5 in the race. I placed my wager with great confidence – feeling kind of superior and ‘special’ as the teller pushed my ticket across to me . . . and then immediately began to sweat blood and have minor heart palpitations as I walked away from the window! To make a long story short – the horse went to the front immediately, and was lengths clear all the way around the track – right up until he broke down 50 yards from the finish line. End of story (and most long-time handicappers have one exactly like this one).

Which leads to Horse Racing Tip #1:Anything can happen in a horse race, so it is not wise to ever believe (no matter what your “gut” tells you) that you have a “sure-thing” on your hands.

Horse Racing Tip #2 also relates directly to the above story: The amount you wager – contrary to what a lot of the “big name gurus” out there tell you they do – should not be based on how you “feel” about an individual race. Only gamblers, “stabbers,” and whales with huge bankrolls try to “kill” any particular individual race. Remember tip #1 above – even if the “fix” is in – still – anything can happen. The amount you wager in a race should be based on your long-term edge (as proven by accurate record-keeping), and a solid money management method.

Horse Racing Tip #3 also relates to my story (you can see that I learned a lot that day that has stuck with me over the decades): Pushing the edge of your “comfort zone” in bet amounts, and the subsequent nervousness and heightened anticipation that ensues – is a warning sign. Players need to be very careful that they are not in the game for the “juice” and “buzz” that the risk-taking provides. If you doubt that – you should probably drop into a Gamblers Anonymous meeting someday and take a sobering look around.  Keep well inside your comfort zone. Never let greed, blind hope, or the addiction to the “buzz” affect your betting decisions.

Horse Racing Tip #4: Some players have just the opposite personality to the “buzz junkies” and problem gamblers – they are super conservative by nature. For them, at some point,  a realization must dawn: this is a risk-taking endeavor. You will not always cash your ticket, not even most of the time (but, of course, you don’t need to and still be very profitable). If you really abhor losing (speaking of individual races here) and cannot stand a losing streak of several races – the old adage applies very well here:“If you can’t stand the heat – get out of the kitchen.” For this personality type, best to keep racing as a hobby, and find other ways to make your needed income.

The above should serve to set a viable foundation for serious players. The nuts-and-bolts of handicapping, betting, and money management – and all the “horse racing tips” relating to those will be scattered throughout the site, as well as being given in a more in-depth manner in our methods, and the HRG Index for our subscribers.


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