HRG Index


* The HRG Index is issued four days each week – Thurs. through Sunday. It will usually include 2 to 4 tracks / 10 to 15 races

* Betting guidelines will be provided for win, and exacta wagers.

* A factor model is included for early-bird bettors

* The Index will be issued by 11:30 a.m. Eastern Time on the day of the races.  It will later be updated after over-night scratches if necessary.

* All subscribers will have access to a password-protected page on our site where the Index will be posted.


Subscription Rates:
1 day $12
1 week (4 days) $44
1 month (4 weeks/16 days) $157

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For active subscribers, there will be available full race-by-race results and stats that can be downloaded via excel files if you so choose.

Be advised: 

There will be losing days – if you are not prepared for those (by betting wager sizes well within your bankroll’s capacity), you’d be barking up the wrong tree here.

There will also be days when you have to take your daughter to soccer practice, or you’ll need to visit the dentist, or you’ll be in bed with the flu, or whatever other commitments that will take precedence – and you’ll miss a few – or all – of the races issued that day. And those will sometimes hit, and you’ll miss a couple of big winners. Life happens – that’s understandable – but that has nothing to do with the Index. The Index posted results will be figured on the total returns for all races issued.

We will post results on the Live Odds Betting Guidelines.

At Horse Racing Gold, our only concern is bottom line betting profits – both yours, and ours.


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