P3+ Software

*Announcing the exciting new  P-3 Plus+  software system*

Would you be interested in a software program that provided you with “taking-candy-from-a-baby” type profit – a very strong ROI – and a high strike rate?

(Did I hear someone say, “Does a bear sh*t in the woods?!”)

And what’s more – all this from ‘lowly’ place and show betting!  (the program can be set to work phenomenally well for win betting too.)

Okay – here’s the skinny . . .

We spent two years honing and improving on the ideas originally presented in our two e-books, “Show Me The Money,” and “The P-3 Betting Method,” and the remarkable results have been programmed into this surprising new piece of software.

 P-3 Plus+  completely automates all aspects of the multi-pronged money management system that was given in the P-3 Betting Method e-book – and – it incorporates new mathematical formulas that have optimized that approach.

* It’s very easy to use – figures all your bets – automatically
* Add or scratch races anytime
* Includes a complete accounting system that monitors you progress and displays;

– Number of Races Won
– Bankroll High
– Bankroll Low
– Bankroll drawdown
– Longest losing sequence
– Average Bet size
– Average betting unit
– Win%
– ROI on bets
– ROI on Bankroll
– Current Bankroll
– Bankroll Profit



You can run “What if” simulations and find the perfect combination that give you the most profit for your betting dollar.  Change and test any combination of factors in the method on the same series of wagers – with the simple click of a button!


Let the program show you how to increase your profits with no more risk.


This dynamic software will allow you to extract the maximum profits available to you.  That is – it has the capacity to mold itself to your personal style of play – to how you handicap, to your bankroll, and to your preferred level of risk.

As well – it comes with a bonus, hot-off-the-presses, new ‘quick-cap’ handicapping method, “Super Shots.”

“Super Shots” will show you how to handicap a race in 3 minutes (max!) and laser-in on the kind of horse that this software was created for . . . a certain kind of horse (in certain kinds of races) that literally screams “profits!”

If you are partial to place and/or show-betting (and of course you should be partial to whatever equates to profits – right?!),   P-3 Plus+  and “Super Shots” are a deadly combination.

A few recent testimonials from users:


“HRG – Just a note to advise your P3 Plus program working out great, 11 straight winning days (no losing days yet), Place bet only, no racing form, over 30% ROI and one track winning at 86% clip.”     Little Nick


 “Hi Gary,      I just wanted to let you know the results concerning the new 3 P-3 Software. I am averaging 25 cents on a dollar. A huge return indeed! Anyone can do this if they follow the rules and guidelines set forth in the P-3 System and the Show Me The Money System. The software which automatically sets up your bets and monitors all aspects of your performance is invaluable. It FORCES you to keep records, something even the most astute handicappers do not do faithfully. Bottom line, the methods work as advertised and if you truly want to make racing an investment grade strategy, you can!!!! Try getting these types of returns in the Stock Market or in Real Estate. You can’t! These strategies are worth a hundred times the price.

All the best,         John Taormino   Las Vegas  702-737-1790″



Nice piece of work.  The software is easy to use (thanks for that – as I am a computer illiterate), and has put me immediately into the black.  I am using the “Super Shots” quick-cap method that came with the program, and it is showing strong profits. I was skeptical before buying – but no more!

Thanks a million – and thanks for keeping the price low on this – I have software previously purchased at 5x the cost of P-3+ and it’s sitting on the shelf!

Kudos –       Bill Franklin,  New Jersey


“Gary –  This program rocks!  More than as advertized!  Thanks.”
– Mitch in Palm Beach


To give you an idea of the power of this program, here are the results of applying this combo to 8 successive days of racing – the first 8 racing days of September, 2006) at both the Arlington and Monmouth meeting (Mth was dark one day during this because of weather).

I think you’ll be surprised, if not shocked, at what a small bankroll can build to using this software system.

There are two kinds of wagers made in each qualifying race (if you choose to use both) – all automated and figured instantly by the program.  The ROI % below would remain the same regardless of what starting wager you would have used.

Monmouth – 30 qualifying races.
Single horse wagering hit rate:
Win 13 = 43.3%
Pla 22 = 73.3%
Sho 26 = 86.6%

Combined win bet profits on $20 starting wagers: $4,374.80 at a +55.6% ROI

Combined place bet profits on $40 starting wagers: $3,874.00 at a +57.4% ROI.

Combined show bet profits on $60 starting wagers: $673.60 at a +11.1% ROI.

Arlington – 25 qualifying races.
Single horse wagering hit rate:
Win 12 = 48%
Pla 19 = 76%
Sho 20 = 80%

Combined win bet profits on $20 starting wagers: $941.90 at a +23.5% ROI

Combined place bet profits on $40 starting wagers: $1,086.60 at a +22.6% ROI.

Combined show bet profits on $60 starting wagers: – $253 at a -1% ROI.

Look – I’m trying to restrain myself a bit here (I noticed some of what I’ve written could be interpreted as a bit “hypish”), it’s just that this is a very exciting piece of software that can put your wagering ‘into the black’ immediately, and maybe change the whole future of your race betting.


The cost of the software system – the program  P-3 Plus+  itself along with the bonus method “Super Shots” –    is just $157.00.


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Many race players chatter about wanting to improve their handicapping and betting – about making steady profits – but only a few take firm, decisive action.  Are you going to take this opportunity to grab the ball and run with it?

Order this exciting one-of-a-kind software today and get ready to kick your win, place and show-betting up several notches. A hint for win bettors – this software system can easily be adapted to win-betting too! (as seen in the Monmouth/Arlington results given earlier).