Risk vs. Reward

Risk vs. Reward

For most players, sooner or later a “happy medium” in their wagering activities is found.  They establish for themselves and settle into a comfort zone where they feel alright with the level of risk versus potential for profit.

– A couple of posts back, we discussed a money management approach – progression betting – which is a higher risk, potentially higher reward way to approach the game.

Progression betting may be of interest to some few players with a tolerance for higher risk (and the bankroll to match), but I think it likely that the far larger proportion of race bettors are conservative in their nature and do not well tolerate (nor can afford) large losses.

– Then in the last post, we brought up the value of studying what the “old time” handicapping gurus had to show us and then applying it to modern racing.

This post will do both . . .

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