Is Your Opinion Valuable?

Is Your Opinion Valuable?

How valuable are our opinions in horse racing?

That is – what level of profits are shown from a long series of betting decisions – and when the ‘opinion’ light bulb goes on – is it as bright as it should be?

If a player isn’t netting much in the way of profit – the key problem could just be that his judgment of the value of his “picks” is too high – he thinks them more capable of winning (and more importantly of making profits) than they truly are.  When this is the case, opinions become less valuable than they should be.

Most folks (in almost all aspects of their lives) award an inflated worth to their own opinions. It’s only natural – our own opinions are the only ones we have!

But in horse racing, we really need to be sharper as to the relative value of the horses on whom we’ve drawn those opinions.

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