Come Out Roll

Come Out Roll

How do you prevent handicapping and betting the races from being just a crap-shoot?

Several of you have commented in response to various posts that success at this game seems to be ever elusive.  It comes for a while, then disappears as quickly as it came . . . something seems to work for a time, then it doesn’t.  What gives?

Every single handicapper has had runs of successful wagering. This is proof that it isn’t that difficult to accomplish. The $64,000 question then becomes – “How do I maintain the advantage – how do I keep it from slipping back . . . in fact – how do I continue to increase profits over time, and prevent p*ssing them away during negative streaks?

As I commented to one of the posters recently, the main way is to be sharper than the next guy in your handicapping and betting – which kind of goes without saying.

But beyond that and perhaps even more important:  There are two correlatives I think are so key to the game that success cannot be had without their mastery . . .

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