Aim High

Aim High

What’s the worst that could happen? 

Many believe in this approach to life – and to horse racing.  I also did in an earlier time of my own life.  As we look around us today – almost everywhere (except maybe in Big Banking and Big Wall Street) we see lowering returns to our expectations.

Technological innovation remains the hope for a fuller and more fulfilling future, but somehow it has not, and is not living up to its promise. Belts are tightening here at home as well as across the globe. People are very concerned, people are worried . . . some are afraid.

For nearly a century, the “American Dream” was the ‘aim high’ goal for our ancestors, and for the throngs of immigrants that flooded into the country. Some did achieve relative greatness – some always will – no matter the time or place.

However, that Dream of America seems to be fading fast, and is achieved by fewer and fewer. There are over 40 million U.S. citizens now on food stamps, 10’s of thousands have lost, or are in imminent danger of losing their homes because of greed, the so-called “fiscal cliff” rapidly approaches .  .  . and forgive me if you are of a different view, but I think Tuesday’s election results only serve to make the mess even more problematic.

So how does all this relate to betting the ponies?

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