The Feds and Horse Racing

The Feds and Horse Racing

So now our illustrious congress has stuck its nose into horse racing’s drug problem, and is suggesting that organized horse racing (after 347 years in this country) needs “federal oversight.”

Oh boy – here we go!

Sure, let’s take control of horse racing away from the simply incompetent, and turn it over to the criminally incompetent!

If this goes through, it’s the death knell for horse racing as we know it. Let the feds get a hold of anything and it’s on an immediate path to ruination. These are same guys and gals that sell themselves to the highest bidder (er – lobbyist). The same ones that vote to take more and more away from the middle class citizen of this country – while never failing to vote themselves regular raises.  The same ones that increase our taxes via a steady stream of pork barrel projects, endless bailouts, and never-ceasing world-wide meddling – while voting themselves special ‘perks’ and cushy ‘packages’ on our tax dime.

I mean – look at their great success in the “war on drugs.” Untold billions have been spent since 1971 – any progress? (Only in the wrong direction!)

The drug problem exists in horse racing – granted. It needs to be solved – granted. But, my gosh, turning horse racing over to the federal government?! I can’t think of a lousier approach.

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