Finding the “Pay Streak”

Finding the “Pay Streak”

“Pay Streak”  (a new, and highly profitable, handicapping method)

In today’s world, more than ever before, ‘time’ has become extremely important to us.

Not talking about race times here – referring to our personal time, and how we choose to use it. 

Most players don’t like to spend a lot of time handicapping the races, and most of us who do put in the long hours – still don’t particularly like it!

Time is, in fact, precious.

We’ll never have enough of it, and we’ll never get back any of it – which makes the time spent doing tedious things particularly irksome.

In our newest method, we have stripped away much of what was previously considered necessary to handicapping a horse race –  and got it honed to the bare bone.  It allows handicapping a race (between races if you like) in less than 3 minutes! 

We’ve uncovered a ‘zone’ of concentrated profits.   We have found a . . .

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