Rebates – Discussion / Offer

Rebates – Discussion / Offer

Are rebates important to your game?

For those of you who are even half-way serious about extracting a steady income from horse race betting, that question just might be a crucial one.

In other parts of our lives, we will go out of our way to get a bit of a discount on the price of something that we are purchasing. It can almost always be the deciding factor. If I’m buying a new bicycle for my son, and one store offers me a discount on the exact same model – all other things being equal, I will naturally choose the discounted offer. It only makes sense, and we are all accustomed to thinking and acting in this way.

What about in race betting?  It seems many players don’t give much thought to finding where they can get the best discount on their wagering. Generally, players stay where they have been – it’s easier. Perhaps some aren’t aware that they could get rebates – or higher rebates – somewhere else.

But – again the question “How important are rebates anyway?”

Two examples follow:

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