Read At Your Own Risk

Read At Your Own Risk

Risk of what you might ask?

Only possibly wasting 10 minutes of your precious time – nothing more. The following will be simple musings as more-or-less relates to our game of horse racing . . .

But hey – the plot already thickens: “Risk” and “Time” – aren’t those two of the most critical points of handicapping and betting on the nags? Certainly they are, and how they tie together can mean the difference between success and failure in this arena. “Arena” rings another vaguely familiar bell. Horse racing’s early heyday began in the great arenas of ancient Rome along with the gladiator spectacles, and the Circus Maximus with its outrageous public games and contests.

Life was evidently ‘cheaper’ in those days, and perhaps the idea of putting oneself at great risk was far more acceptable. Imagine . . . utterly wild horse and chariot racing – with few rules and absolutely no regard for safety of man nor beast. But you can bet the wagering on those events was hot and heavy!

So what is at risk when you wager on a horse race – when you try to predict which horse will take the least amount of time to get from point A to point B?

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