What If?

What If?

One of racing’s great refrains – and usually used as a way of justification or lamenting of a betting loss. But re-evaluating our moves, choices, and decisions in this game can be very constructive to our future success. In that light – I offer the following . . .

Did any of you happen to watch (or see the results of) the Risen Star Stakes yesterday at Fairgrounds? Every bell and whistle in the state went off when that $272.40 winner crossed the line!

I was watching the race for Ky Derby purposes and didn’t have a bet going. I’d just before the race gotten off the phone with a subscriber where I had been answering some questions on “Speed 2013” – I had the thought to check the race in hindsight, and see if that winner could have been caught with the method.

Without giving away the method to those who haven’t purchased . . . but for those of you that do have the method – what follows is my thinking and the results of the application of the method to that race:

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