Breeders Cup 2015!

Breeders Cup 2015!

Alright – it’s that time of the year again – one week from today!

I love Breeders Cup days – how about you? Not only do we get top-quality racing, and superb horseflesh on display – but also it’s just so much easier to make juicy profits on theses days.

Day-to-day horse betting can get to be a grind.  At times, races sort of become indistinguishable from one another; small fields, uninspiring runners, low odds favorites parading in like clockwork (but not often enough to make any money betting them long-term), hours of pre-race work only to end up with a paltry profit on the day (often even when the handicapping was right on!) . . .

Then comes the two Breeders Cup days of racing, and the whole stale process takes on a fresh potential.  High paying winners are in the cards – even monster winners – and they will be ‘gettable’ employing the same handicapping factors (if you are a natural contrarian) used in the daily grind.  As example, below is a quick review of the results of the recent years of the Horse Racing Gold Breeders Cup Special Report . . .

Of the last 10 years, 2005 was the top year for the Report (if you were playing all the single-race wagers) – and all profits from just two good races; the Juvenile, and the Filly-Mare Turf.

– In the former, going against the 6/5 favorite, First Samurai (leaving out of win and place consideration), we hit Stevie Wonderboy across all wagers; Win $11.00, Exacta $105.20, Tri, $229.00, and the huge superfecta $7,051.00.

– Came right back in the next race to catch Bobby Frankel-trained, Intercontinental, again across all wagers; Win $32.20, Ex. $131.50, Tri $583.50, and Super $2,502.  The ROI on the day was outrageous.

Below are the results for each of the last 5 years of issue . . .

In 2009:

– We first hit the Marathon:  tossing 6/5 favorite, Mastery – for either win or place, we had Man of Iron for the $14.80 win – also the $120.20 Exacta, and the $450.20 Tri  – the top three finishers were in our top 4 ranked.

– Hit the very next race – the Juvenile Fillies Turf with Tapitsfly at $21.60 (missed the multi-horse wagers).

– We stayed on a roll into the third race – the Juvenile Fillies when second-ranked overlay, She Be Wild, won paying $16.80. also got the $144.40 exacta, and the $815.80 trifecta when our top rank ran 3rd. as a slight overlay. Other races were losses or minor scores, but still had a decent profit overall.

In 2010:

– Our first score was in the Filly-Mare Sprint with winner, Dubai Majesty paying $19.20 (exotics missed).

– The Juvenile Fillies race was good for us . . . our top 2 ranked were the win and place horses at 4/1 and 5/1 – paying $10.40 win and $57.80 exacta – we also got the tri after tossing double-underlay A Z Warrior and getting 11/1 on Delightful Mary in the third spot – paid $616.60.

– On Saturday we got the okay winner of the Sprint, Big Drama, paying $12.40 (lost all exotics).

– In the Turf Sprint, we hit the win, ex and tri with an expanded ticket for the win slot in a wide-open race – betting 11/1, 9/1, and 6/1 odds from our top 5 ranked – pays were $15.80, $156.20, and $1,393.60.

– In the Turf we had the overlay winner, Dangerous Midge, at $19.00.

– And in the Classic our overlay top ranked, Blame, beat the great mare, Zenyatta, and paid us $12.40 with the cheapo exacta to the mare of $33.20.

In 2012 (no Report issued in 2011):

– We got the first score in the Juvenile Fillies Turf when our second ranked big overlay, Flotilla, won and paid $24.80 win and $85.50 exacta to our third ranked.

– In the Juvenile Filliesour top 3 ranked took all three top slots. Going with the two highest odds we hit the low of them – $9.80, $26.60, $115.20 (win, Ex, Tri – electing not to play the super).

– The Filly-Mare Turf did us very well – the top 4 finishers came from the top 5 ranked in the Report.  The good overlay, Zagora won at $20.40, and we got the $95.80 exacta, the $360.80 tri, and the $922 superfecta.

We skipped the Ladies Classic – conceding the race to the underlay, Royal Delta.

On Saturday:

– We scored in the very first race, the Juvenile Turf, where again the top 4 finishers came from our top 5 ranked horses, with the winner being the good overlay, George Vancouver who paid $20.60, caught the exacta at $125.60, the tri at $1,106.20, and the superfecta at $2,352.60.

– In the Turf, the Report nailed it yet again – top 4 finishers came from our top 5 ranked. We bet the only two overlays on top and caught the best of them, Little Mike, who paid $36.60 – our exacta paid $136.40, our tri $602.40, and our superfecta $2,030.30.

– In the Classic, we jumped all over our second ranked, Fort Larned, a big overlay at 9-1 – and again the top 4 finishers came from our top 5 ranked horses. The win paid $20.80, the exacta $125.40, the Tri $613.80, and the super $1,763.30 (with the favorite running out). It was a great BC for us.

In 2013:

– We got a very good start in the 1st race – the Marathon on Friday – when the Report longshot play, London Bridge, hit and paid $20.00 for the win, also getting us the exacta at $192.40, and the tri at $1,390.60.

– In the very next race, the Juvenile Turfthe top 3 finishers were the top 3 ranked Report horses. When Bobby’s Kitten came up a big underlay at 6/5 – we played the other two as our key horses and got the $14.00 win, the $46.20 exacta, and the $153.80 trifecta.

– In the Juvenile Fillies Turf – with the top rank being an underlay at 5/2 – the 2nd and 3rd ranks became plays – they ran one-two – paid $15.80 for the win, and $158.40 for the exacta.

– In the Juvenile, there were two fair-priced overlays in the top 4 – off at 10/1 and 12/1. We hit with New Year’s Day, paying $23.00 and $107.80 exacta to the top ranked favorite.

– In the Turf, when top ranked, The Fugue, went significantly underlay at 3/2 – we went with our 2nd ranked at 15/1, along with the Report longshot play, Magician, at 12/1.  Magician won and paid $27.00 to our top-ranked favorite for an exacta of $73.40. Our 4th ranked overlay completed the tri for $733.80.

2014 results:

– We hit the first race on Friday – the Juvenile Turf – with the Report’s top ranked horse, Hootenanny, paying $14.00 – then the remainder of Friday went to the favorites.

On Saturday, our first hit was in the Juvenile when overlay 4th rank and Report longshot choice, Texas Red, hit and paid $29.80 for win, $100.60 exacta to our 2nd ranked, and $671.40 tri with our  5th ranked in the 3rd slot.

– In the Turf we expanded in the top slot when Telescope looked to be way over-bet while off at 8/5 – we used 3 with odds of 6/1, 9/1, and 11/1 – caught the win at $14.40 and a little exacta of $40.40.

– We closed out unbelievably well in the Classic:  As the Report advised, we went with the two best overlays in the top 5 – which included Bayern, and the Report longshot, Toast of New York – they ran one-two – paid $14.20 win, and $249.80 exacta, tri with California Chrome for $2087.20, and with the favorite in the 4th spot – the superfecta paid $3,817.40.  All 4 top finishers were in our top 5 ranked.  While hitting only 4 races, we had a tremendous ROI for the two days.

2015 results?

We’re looking forward to another very profitable Breeders Cup.

We put a lot of research into these days – I know you can see that from the results. We believe this information is valuable to anyone – no matter the size of bankroll, or which wager types you elect.  A little bit of an edge – a pointer to an overlooked longshot contender – passing on a weak favorite – these can make all the difference on the Breeders  Cup days . . . between overall loss – or huge profits.

We trust you will pardon us for “tooting our own horns” a bit here?  Join us in Breeders Cup profits again this year.

The Breeders Cup Special Report is at the same price as in previous years – $25.

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