Breeders Cup 2016

Breeders Cup 2016

Breeders Cup just around the corner – and Horse Racing Gold will, as always, issue our annual, information-packed, Breeders Cup Report.

There’s nothing quite like the Breeders Cup – we get to watch the finest horses compete against each other – and – we get the chance to wager into juicy odds on horses with every chance to win.

If it were only like that every day!

Most of us remember the monster payoff bombs that have exploded over the years – no need to go over those again (and the Report did hit on a couple of them), but a quick review of last year’s results will demonstrate the advantage good players with good information will have on November 4th and 5th . . .

There will be a few winning favorites – of course – always are.  
In last year’s races – only 4 winners were favored, so at 31% – right close to the overall racing average. 

Of those 4 favorites, American Pharoah ($3.40), Songbird ($3.20), Liam’s Map ($3.00), and Run Happy ($5.20) had such strong figures and came into the races in such good form, that they were the kind of races you just need to sit back and watch (or single on your multi-race wagers)!

. . . But of the remaining 9 races – ALL of them paid in double digits.  From low-to-high they were:

Nyquist $11.40
Tepin $11.80
Catch a Glimpse $14.80
Found $14.80
Stopchargingmaria $16.20
Hit a Bomb $16.40

Stephanie’s Kitten $17.60
Wavell Avenue $22.00
Mongolian Saturday $33.80.

No monster bombs in there, but that was a very nice price spread to wager into.

How did our Breeders Cup Report do?  Below are those results (listed in same order as above) . . .

American Pharoah – top pick
Songbird – top pick
Liam’s Map – top pick
Runhappy – top pick
(of the above 4 races – the only one we actually wagered in personally was the Run Happy race where our top two ran one-two)

Nyquist – 4th ranked, but by the odds offered, became the tied 2nd-choice with Exaggerator (Brody’s Cause being the 1st choice)

Tepin – 4th ranked, but by the odds offered, became the 2nd choice (Karakonite at 11/1 was first choice)

Catch A Glimpse – 5th ranked, but though we suggested she be considered, and the odds were good – we missed on that race.

Found – 2nd ranked – and our 1st choice by the odds offered (top ranked Golden Horn ran 2nd).

Stopchargingmaria – wasn’t among our considered horses – missed.

Hit A Bomb – wasn’t among our considered horses – missed.

Stephanies Kitten – wasn’t among our considered horses – missed.

Wavell Avenue – was a Report longshot pick

Mongolian Saturday – was a Report longshot pick

(the two highest payers, Mongolian Saturday $33.80, and Wavell Avenue $22.00 – were both given as longshjot picks in the Report)


We look forward to another good showing this year – and invite you to join us.

Our Breeders Cup Report covers both days Friday and Saturday, and includes a rundown on every horse in every race / a pace scenario discussion for each race / our longshot picks / and our suggested value approach for the top ranked horses.

The Report is the same price it has always been – $25. It will be sent out via email on Thursday evening, November 3rd.

Order here: Breeders Cup Report 2016

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