Breeders Cup 2019

Breeders Cup 2019

For us here at Horse Racing Gold – the Breeders Cup is all about two things:

  • watching the classiest horses from around the world run – and
  • putting ourselves in a position to cash in big on the results.

The Breeders Cup festival is notorious for putting up some monster payoffs.

There is such potential in each of the horses entered – the competition is so stiff  – that the average race player just has a tougher time identifying the true contenders.  They grossly overlook long-shots that have big chances to win these races, and/or run in the money to complete exotics wagers that pay bombshell prices.

Getting in front of those (often eye-watering) payoffs is the reason we do the research and put out our annual Report – we do it for our clients and for ourselves.  The betting pools are so large, that there is no need to try and keep this info private – the prices will be little affected.

The Report runs to 25+ pages and will contain: Stats and figs and tid-bits – trends, pace analysis, workout comments, viable long-shots, a value betting line – and more.

Insights the Horse Racing Gold  Breeders Cup Report has provided in the past have guided us and our clients to cashing in on some of those large payoffs, and we are looking forward to that being the case again this year.

Join us. We’ll have some fun – and make some money.  This is what the game is all about – right?

The Report will be sent out Thursday afternoon on 10/31.  We have held the cost at $25 since 2005, so we are not trying to make a bunch of money from the sales of this Report . . . but we trust that you will from the info it provides.


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