HRG Index 2019

HRG Index 2019

The Horse Racing Gold Index (our 20th year!) will resume on Thursday, Feb. 14th.

The brutal winter weather is (hopefully) coming to an end, and the good Spring race meets are getting into gear.

We have a new format, a new offer, and good news for “early-bird” bettors . . .

This year, the Index will be set up for both those who need or prefer to make their wagers early – as well as for those playing live. 

We will now offer a Betting Plan using the Morning Line – as well as for late tote-board odds. These betting guidelines will be for win, exacta and trifecta wagers.

Subscriptions will have a couple of new ‘twists’ and additions . . .

  • If you order either the weekly or monthly subscription, you can set up your own schedule so as not to lose any days.

For example, if you order a week subscription (which is 4 days), but you only play on Fridays and Saturdays – we will send only on those two days – for the weeks you prefer. If you advise us that you will be skipping a week (a day, or a month) – no problem – we will change your delivery dates to adjust.

The days you want will be the days you receive – you simply need to tell us your preferred schedule (we do require notification of any change be given the day before).  

  • Results for all issued races for the previous day, previous week, and previous month – both the Morning Line/Early-Bird approach, and the live play (final odds) approach – will be posted. If you request, we will send those out to you at the beginning of each week (Mon. or Tues.) for the previous week – as long as you remain an active subscriber.

In addition, a full and extensive cumulative spreadsheet containing complete data by track, by odds, by race type, by rank, etc. will be made available to all weekly and monthly subscribers. These will contain a wealth of data for data-miners who want to create high-ROI spot plays and/or otherwise optimize their wagering.

  • We can’t legally guarantee that you will make money, but we offer this: If you provide records of actual wagers (that have been wagered according to our guidelines) that do not show weekly profits – we will refund your subscription fee for that week.


Horse Racing Gold is looking forward to another very profitable year. We invite you to join us.

* Subscriptions are not auto-renewed. Unless you request differently – you will need to re-order each time your current subscription expires. 

You can subscribe on our order page here:   Order now


  1. Gary,

    Looking forward to the Spring meet’s as well.

  2. Hi there…is an example of the index available to view? Considering signing up but wanted to see what the index would look like…thanks, Gene

    • Gene – As I mentioned in the post, the format of the Index since last issued has been changed, so “what it looks like” won’t be until
      the first issue this coming Thursday. The Index is in spreadsheet format – with 4 ranked horses listed for each race handicapped.
      Columns are; date, track, race, distance, surface, name, #, morning line. The Betting Guidelines for decision-making (both early-bird
      betting and live betting) are included with each Index. – Gary

  3. Hi Gary, Is there a difference between the morning online version and the late tote board odds version?

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