Kentucky Derby 2017

Kentucky Derby 2017

Hey – life is good . . . it’s Derby time again!  Unless you’re one of those cigar-chomping mercenaries who would rather hit a $40 exacta in a race at Fonner Park than be involved in the pageant of the most popular horse race in the western world . . . you’ll be watching.  And if you’re watching – you might as well make a wager or two – right?

We will be issuing our annual Kentucky Derby Report on Thursday evening.  It will include the Kentucky Oaks on Friday – and the Derby on Saturday.  

As well, this year we are going to include our “best betting race of the day” (other than the two biggies mentioned above) for both Friday and Saturday, so you’ll get a complete rundown and analysis of 4 races on the two days.  Still – we’ll hold our price to the usual – $25.         Order here

Some of you are going to be involved in multi-race wagers (and there could be some large scores this year), so we’ll also offer a two-for-one deal on the HRG Index: Order one day ($11) and you’ll get both days – all races run on both Friday and Saturday at Cd  . . . excepting the Oaks and the Derby – which will be covered in the Report only.

The HRG Kentucky Derby Report has hit some huge payers over the last decade and a half – and we are looking forward to a profitable Derby weekend in 2017. 

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