Kentucky Derby 2018

Kentucky Derby 2018

Another Kentucky Derby! It’s one of the great sporting events of our country . . . and how (relatively) under-appreciated it actually is.  Hard to figure.

No matter.  Horse Racing Gold will issue our annual Special Kentucky Derby Report as always, and as always, we are looking forward to a having a great day – both fun-wise, and profit-wise!  We will offer our in-depth Report for both the Kentucky Derby and include the Kentucky Oaks – AND as a bonus this year . . .

All who order the Report will also get the full HRG Index (all of the other races we issue for Friday and Saturday) as part of the package.  But we will hold the price to the same as in previous years for the Report alone – $25.00.

The Report will be sent out on Thursday evening.

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Best of fortune to you during Kentucky Derby number 144!

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  1. It was my first day using the HRG index and I happen to pick the Kentucky Derby day for my first look.
    I know systems don’t win every day although I am quite pleased with the turnout of today’s races.
    I don’t recall winning this many exotic races on one card in recent history.

    I’ll be sure to try the index again in the future.

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