Results Breeders Cup 2014

Results Breeders Cup 2014

We’ve had several ask how the HRG Breeders Cup Report did this year, so rather than respond to each individually, I’ll post the “results” below . . .

And – rather than give a long blow-by-blow, I’ll just go over the winning races and the totals – for bet amount levels of; $10 per horse for win, $3 per combination for exacta, and $1 per ticket trifecta. . . . (so generally $20 per race in for win, $24 per race exacta and $32 per race trifecta (in 8 of the races we went with 6 horses in both the second and third slots)

So all-races totals money-in for the above bet levels:
– Win $240
– Exacta $288
– Trifecta $432

The Report hit only 4 winners (interestingly these included the first BC  race on Friday, and the last BC race on Saturday!)
– the $14 winner, Hootenanny, in the Juvenile Turf,
– the $29.80 winner, Texas Red, in the Juvenile
– the $14.40 winner, Main Sequence, in the Turf
– and the controversial $14.20 winner, Bayern, in the Classic.

WIN: We win wagered two horses (as suggested in the Report) in 12 races – passing one race – the Dirt Mile where we just didn’t want to go against the 3/5 eventual winner, Goldencents.

So – at the bet level mentioned above – that was $240 in with $362 out for a profit of $122 and a win ROI of +50.8%

EXACTAS: The Report hit 3 exactas – the $100.60 exacta in the Juvenile (Texas Red to Carpe Diem), the $64.80 exacta in the Turf (Main Sequence to Flintshire), and the nice $249.80 exacta in the Classic (Bayern to Toast of New York).

So – at the bet level mentioned above that was $288 in with $622.8 out for a profit of $334.80 and a win ROI of +116.2%

TRIFECTAS: The Report also hit the trifectas in the three exacta races above – the $1 tri paid $335.70, $263.70, and $1043.60.

So – at the bet levels mentioned above that was $432 in with $1643 out for a profit of $1,211 and a win ROI of +280.3%


Similar to last year – even though the Report didn’t hit either of the big bombs (Take Charge Brandi win:$125.40 / ex: $1,557.20 / tri $11, 309  – or  –  Karakonite $62 / $663.40 / $5,010.70), it did very well with an overall ROI of +173.7%

. . . We’re already looking forward to BC 2015!!

Comments welcomed – let me know how you fared – with or without the BC Report.

– Gary


  1. Paul Rawls

    Hi Gary,
    BC day was great just as I thought it would be. As I stated I had to work and missed the whole thing but come next Jan. 2015 I will start my Home Base betting Business using your HRG index
    Best Regards
    Paul R

    • Paul – I wish you the very best of fortune in your betting endeavors. My best advise to players? – Temper one’s expectations (on the amounts of $ you’ll make), keep copious and accurate records, continue to study the game, play with confidence, yet with a very healthy respect for the vagaries of the game – the ups and downs that can (and will) occur – and racing luck (both bad and good).

      Regards – Gary

  2. dave henry

    Bombed. Every year I look at the Breeder’s Cup as a chance at winning a lottery of sorts, as in one of the big trifectas or supers. Haven’t hit the lottery yet. But I’m consistent.

    • Dave – Bummer – you’ll get ’em next year . . . but there were a couple of lottery-like payoffs again this year weren’t there!?

      For us, and those using the Index, the “medium-good” hits are what we are pretty much after. By nature of usually choosing from the top 4 of 5 for the win spot – we’ll generally miss the monster pay offs, but sticking with the overlays on top gets some very profitable results – even with logical horses coming in. The Classic was the perfect example of that: Bayern and Toast of New York were the only two overlays from the top 5 (Cal Chrome was hovering right at ML odds and just a tick over our Betting Line, but I had already said in the Report blurb on that one that I would likely be passing if I didn’t get a good price on him). When both of those ‘on-top’ horses ran one-two at 6/1 and 18/1, then even with the second fav Cal Chrome running third – the tri paid very nicely ($1043.60) – and of course the exacta was juicy as well. – Gary

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