Handicapping – Fountain of Youth?

Handicapping – Fountain of Youth?

Can handicapping keep your brain young?

There is a lot of new evidence out there that indicate that in fact it could not only keep your brain functioning at a higher capacity, but can even help regenerate new brain cells and brain cell connections – and turn your mental clock around.

Now, I know not all of you are of the age that you might yet have even considered this, but if you aren’t there yet – you will be.

It has been discovered that in most people brain functioning begins to fade from optimal somewhere during their mid-thirties. We are born with some 100 billion brain cells (I wonder who counted them?!) with a quadrillion of these connections – neurons and their synapses. And one of the keys to keeping the brain young – to prevent the dying off of these cells and their connectors – is to continually challenge the brain with new problem solving situations.

What could fit the bill better than handicapping a horse race? 

Every race is different – the challenge remains ever-new. There has even been recent research that certain aspects of using the computer will help increase cognitive functions and mental dexterity.

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