Breeders Cup 2015!

Breeders Cup 2015!

Alright – it’s that time of the year again – one week from today!

I love Breeders Cup days – how about you? Not only do we get top-quality racing, and superb horseflesh on display – but also it’s just so much easier to make juicy profits on theses days.

Day-to-day horse betting can get to be a grind.  At times, races sort of become indistinguishable from one another; small fields, uninspiring runners, low odds favorites parading in like clockwork (but not often enough to make any money betting them long-term), hours of pre-race work only to end up with a paltry profit on the day (often even when the handicapping was right on!) . . .

Then comes the two Breeders Cup days of racing, and the whole stale process takes on a fresh potential.  High paying winners are in the cards – even monster winners – and they will be ‘gettable’ employing the same handicapping factors (if you are a natural contrarian) used in the daily grind.  As example, below is a quick review of the results of the recent years of the Horse Racing Gold Breeders Cup Special Report . . .

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