Progression Betting

Progression Betting

Want to have a way to recover losses after a losing streak that will work 99 times out of 100? (We’ve got a gratis spreadsheet for you – how to get it further down in the post)

One of the comments to the L&B blog post recently – got me to thinking about writing a short post on progressions – again. Several years back I wrote an article on progression betting that is still available over on the Horse Racing Gold main site.

Generally, I avoid such articles because there are problem gamblers out there, and I just don’t want to encourage that type. But – here goes anyway – with this warning:  If you sense any of that in you – that desire to lose control and to risk more than you have to lose, or more than you have set aside for risk ventures . . . then it would be best if you just don’t read this post.  I’m very serious here.

Progressions are riskier than flat betting – period.

But then – we have chosen a game of risk have we not?  So the thought occurs – why not set up a progression that courts losing streaks, and will – when they occur – actually gain more profits than if they hadn’t happened.


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